Reports after Rolfing Sessions

Moshe Feldenkrais
»...when Ida Rolf integrates structure, as nobody else can, she improves functioning ... Rolfing was a revealing and unforgettable experience for me.«

Willie Nelson (singer and songwriter, New York Times, 23 February 1995)
»My wife recommended (Rolfing) highly ... the first of ten sessions fixed (my back pain).«

»I really noticed a difference in the following days. It was as if I was somehow "a little more upright" without thinking about it or trying to "force" it. But I did feel some pressure points for a few days, and my back felt like it was "dropping into line" somehow.«

»Afterwards my posture felt amazing and I could really notice my lungs taking in more air which has got to be a good thing!«

»Your treatment brought to surface deep feelings from my heart and soul.«

»I thought Rolfing would for the main be a physical treatement, and did not expect the big and postive effect on my quality of life, which I noticed increasing through the 10 series.«